Grupo Omega

Grupo Omega began operations on March 1991 with the fundation of the trucking company Auto Fletes Omega, S.A. de C.V. Since then, the company has maintained a constant growing rate on solid financial bases. This had let us keep growing nevertheless the general economic situation or the particular trucking industry conditions. That's why all our customers are certain that their transportation needs will be covered, no matter what the economic conditions are.

Since its foundation, Grupo Omega has efficiently served importers & exporters located in the main industrial zones in Mexico, confirming its commitment to offer transportation solutions to our customers.

Omega Transportaciones began operations on November 1997 as a motor crossing company. This helped Grupo Omega to offer an integral service to their customers, so they have to deal with just ONE Mexican carrier.

Then on April 1998 a strong commercial partnership began with American trucking companies, in order to give a true door to door service to our customers.


Offer our customers solutions to their transportation needs.

Within our company we have the commitment to give our customers the best service in the market. That is why we are constantly growing and renewing our fleet.

By this time we have:
- over 45 Trucks
- over 200 vans
- near 20 flatbeds four offices with dropping yards